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David Cook Galleries specializes in antique Native American Indian art. Our extensive collection includes Southwest material and Plains beadwork and additional objects from the Northwest Coast, Plateau, Woodlands and Southeastern tribes. Additionally we specialize in Navajo & Pueblo weavings such as; Chief's Blankets, Moki Blankets, and Serapes from the classic and reservation periods as well as early 20th century regional rugs. Additionally our holdings include a wide array of historic pottery, basketry, and bead/quill work.
1637 Wazee Street
Denver Colorado, 80202
United States
David Cook
Linda Cook
Peggy Ebner
Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952)
Chilkat Blanket
c. 1850
50 x 69 inches
Matched Pair of Parfleche Envelopes Cheyenne c. 1885 28.5 x 15 inches (single)Chief's Blanket Navajo c. 1865 53 x 70 in.Edward Sheriff Curtis(1868-1952) The North American Indian  Portfolios 1-20; Text Volumes 1-20