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H. Malcolm Grimmer Antique American Indian Art

H. Malcolm Grimmer, one of the leading authorities in historic American Indian Art, is also a noted specialist in the art of the Plains Indian. In 1982, he founded the nation’s premier gallery for American Indian art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After twelve successful years, Mac sold the gallery and shifted his focus to becoming one of the country’s most prestigious private antique American Indian art dealers. Over the past thirty years, Mac has played a role in the assembling of almost every important antique American Indian art collection in America, as well as creating many specific interest collections for his clients.
316 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe NM, 87501
United States of America
p: 505.982.8669
Mac Grimmer
Tom Cleary
Lainie Grimmer
Specializing in exceptional antique American Indian art from all regions of North America. Including but not limited to: Plains, Plateau, Prairie, Eastern Woodlands and Southeast beadwork and sculpture; Southwest and California basketry, Navajo textiles, and Pueblo pottery and Northwest Coast sculpture.
Holding Hands
Southern Cheyenne, c. 1870
The Sheridan Pages, Page 31
Color and graphite pencil on ledger paper, 11.75 x 5.25"
H. Malcolm Grimmer