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Carl Hammer Gallery

Established in 1979, the Carl Hammer Gallery is internationally recognized as one of the major pioneers discovering work by Outsider, Folk, and self-taught artists, exhibiting and presenting it to a world-wide art-collecting public. Holding fast to the Dubuffet definition of outsider art, we strive to offer "work produced by people immune to artistic culture in which there is little or no trace of mimicry." For over 35 years, Carl Hammer Gallery has achieved international recognition by museums and acceptance by the academic mainstream for its philosophy equating and combining the innate genius of major artists and objects from this self-taught tradition within a programming context of mid-twentieth century modern and contemporary art as well.
740 N. Wells Street
Chicago Illinois, 60654
Carl Hammer, president
Yolanda Farias
Caitlin O'Meara
Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley
Calvin and Ruby Black/Possum Trot
David Butler
Miles Carpenter
Henry Darger
Ulysses Davis
Sam Doyle
Howard Finster
Lee Godie
Frank Jones
Albert Louden
Mole and Thomas
Martin Ramirez
Drossos Skyllas
Bill Traylor
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Joseph Yoakum
Marcos Bontempo
Ink, paint on paper