Kirk Mangus
Life in the Country (with 3 Figures)
stoneware, colored slip, sgraffito
31 x 17 x 17"

THINGS LOVE: The Legacy of Kirk Mangus

Panel Discussion    1:30 P.M.     8th Floor Dialogues
Kirk Mangus (1952-2013) was an internationally recognized ceramicist and head of the ceramics department for 30 years at Kent State University.  This discussion with Mindy Solomon, Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami, FL; Judith Schwartz, Professor and Director of Sculpture in Craft Media area at New York University, curator, critic and author; and Mangus’ widow, Eva Kwong, is an introduction to this notable artist’s work and will highlight his immeasurable contributions to the field, including the recent exhibit, “Kirk Mangus: Things Love” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.  Kwong and Solomon offer perspectives on Mangus’ forms and style – which reflect his open embrace of a broad range of influences, including comics,  prehistoric animal figures, modernist abstraction, Japanese woodblock prints, and folk, Meso-American and Asian and ceramic traditions.

Mindy Solomon, Judith Schwartz and Eva Kwong

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1:30 P.M.  8th Floor Dialogues 
THINGS LOVE: The Legacy of Kirk Mangus
Kirk Mangus (1952-2013) was an internationally recognized ce.. More 

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