George Liautaud
"Ridden By Dambala" ca. late 50s early 60s
Forged Iron
Private Collection

Self-Taught Art: Expanding the World Parameters

Lecture    4 P.M.     8th Floor Dialogues

When Jean Dubuffet first put together his theories on and collection of what he termed "Art Brut" there was very little work known from the Western Hemisphere and non-European countries.  He had no idea of the explosion of work that would surface right up to the present day all around the world.  This work, still coming form artists with no contact with the art mainstream has created vast and wonderful new potentialities for collectors, researchers and curators today.  This talk will focus on self-taught artists whose vital work is only now being recognized and appreciated by the art world.  It is a challenge to the gatekeepers of so-called "outsider" and Art Brut to update and open the field.

Randall Morris, Cavin-Morris Gallery

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The name "Larsen" is synonymous with 20th century textiles. Ever since Jack Lenor Larsen, Inc. was established in 1952, the influence of its innovative, farseeing founder has permeated the field of interior design. Ranging from filmy casement cloths to plush upholstery, from the formal geometry of complex doubleweave to the freshness of colorful organic prints, Larsen textiles have enhanced walls and floors of large company headquarters, educational institutions, jet planes, and private homes.