Bill Traylor

Bill Traylor: Myth vs. Reality

Lecture    12:30 P.M.     8th Floor Dialogues
Jeffrey Wolf will discuss the latest version of his documentary Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts. This newly researched biographical history of Bill Traylor will give us more context towards understanding the intentions and connections of his drawings.  

Jeffrey Wolf is a writer, director and producer whose acclaimed 2008 documentary film James Castle: Portrait of an Artist, portrays James Castle’s life and creative process, as told by family members, artists, and members of the deaf community. David Ebony of Art in America reviewed the film as “evocative, beautifully shot and absorbing, with a refreshing lack of sentimentality.”  He is currently at work on two new films, Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts and Searching for Martin Ramirez.

As an editor, Jeffrey is recognized for his film work with prominent directors Arthur Penn, John Waters, Lasse Hallström, and George C. Wolfe. Films include Billy Madison, Beautiful Girls, The Ref, Holes , Life and  Bachelorette. 2015 will see the completion of The Outskirts coming to theaters April 10th.

Jeff Wolf

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